If we don’t take care of our clients, someone else will.
— OPT. Clinic

Happy Clients

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Professional, friendly, efficient service. I appreciated that the optometrist took the time to explain what she was doing as the exam progressed. Direct billed my insurance which was nice. Disappointed to see Ray Bans wasn't available for sunglasses, but still plenty of selection for a new establishment.

Matthew Gow

I just left OPT Clinic and have to say, I am so impressed. The space is beautiful and not overwhelming. The technology is top notch, and there is an amazing selection of frames. Dr. Wong was professional and informative, I will be taking my family back there for sure.

— Amanda Rae

New, knowledgable and able to help for all your eyewear needs!

— Galen Koo

Thanks for explaining every single step that was being done instead of just going through it like routine. It definitely helps with understanding the importance of my eye health and why each machine is used. 

— Melanie Chin