I'm a new patient. What should I expect?


How much are eye exams?

If you're concerned about the cost of your health, you should visit us. Starting at $2, we are often asked why. We set out a mission to:

1. Make eye health affordable and accessible.
2. Place patient education first and not let finances get in the way of your overall health.
3. It's $2, or a coffee for our staff.

We offer the latest medical technology to diagnose and screen for any eye related troubles. We achieve this through a doctor owned and operated clinic in South Edmonton. Come see our optometrist today for $2 for your ocular health check up!

OPT. aim to make sure all our new patients feel welcome and taken care of. We explain exactly what is being measured and what is currently being done at each step of the appointment. If there are any questions or concerns at any point during your appointment, feel free to stop us and let us know. No secrets here!

A Comprehensive Eye Exam will...

Our friendly staff will check you in and obtain preliminary measurements before seeing the doctor.

These preliminary measurements include:

  • checking the prescription on any glasses you may currently wear
  • obtaining an estimate of the prescription of your eyes
  • measuring the curvature of the front surface of your eyes
  • measuring the thickness of the front surface of your eyes
  • checking the pressure inside your eye
  • taking photos of the retina to be reviewed by the optometrist later

While you are with the optometrist, she will review your ocular and medical history, check your vision and obtain the prescription that gives you the best vision possible . Ocular health testing involves the use of a microscope and special lenses to view the retina. From there, our optometrist will take the time to review the results and answer any questions you may have! 

When the eye exam is done, your prescription is printed out and signed, then whole store is yours to browse for some new specs. Not sure what to pick? Just ask the staff for some suggestions. We like to think that we are fashion forward.