Flat Rate Pricing


opt. is Edmonton's only eye clinic that offers flat rate pricing

It frustrates us when you go shopping for a new pair of glasses. You pick a frame, and when you sit down to talk to nitty gritty details about your lens, you find that adding many different options makes the cost of your glasses more than what you expected. At OPT. we believe some options should be mandatory for all, at no extra cost. 


Step 1: Choose your frame

You choose your frame. We have over 350 selections of frames to choose from. 

The price listed is the price of your frame, including your prescription lens! 

We use only Hoya lenses to offer the best optics in the industry. We do not recommend generic lenses, or cheap lenses as they do not offer the quality of optics your eyes deserve.  


Step 2: Choose a lens

There's 2 types of lenses:

1) A single vision lens for near, or far sight prescription. The frame cost already includes your single vision prescription lens.

2) Progressive lenses to see both far, and near. It's just an extra $150 to your frame cost. 


Step 3: Add an Optional option

There are several options for your lenses that may suit different lifestyles. This includes prescription sunglasses, or blue tint to reduce blue light that may cause strain to your eyes. 

Either of these options are an extra $100 to the frame cost.