Why Does Your Vision Get Worse With Age?


Are you experiencing blurred vision? If yes, then maybe it’s time for you to visit an optician and get your eyes checked. Eyesight and vision-related problems are common eye problems among senior citizens and people who fail to take care of their eyes. But why does our vision get worse with age? To answer your question, continue reading this article.

Reducing Pupil Size

As we grow old, our pupils become weaker, and they reduce in size. They are unable to adapt to ambient lighting, and as a result, our eyes have to take extra stress to see things clearly. Therefore, senior citizens need more ambient light to see things comfortably compared to people in their twenties.

Damage to The Optic Nerve

People above the age of 40 are vulnerable to such a situation where their optic nerve gets damaged. Increasing pressure results in damaged optic nerves and loss of peripheral sight. Furthermore, with age, our eye lens clouds up and becomes less flexible. This results in cataract which can cause partial or complete blindness if not treated promptly.

Your retina can be affected on account of damaged optic nerves. The retina is a complex tissue that has the task of converting an image to light signals to the brain. As optic nerve is the extension of the retina, damage to optic nerves will eventually cause a problem in the optical vision.

Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD)

People above the age of 50 are vulnerable to this problem. When an individual suffers from this disorder, the damage is done to the macula which is a small spot in the center of the retina. Degeneration of macula results in blurred vision and focus problems. You may be wondering why does your vision get worse with age and the answer lies in your daily activities.

If you have the habit of smoking regularly, then you are at a higher risk of developing AMD. Furthermore, family history and genetic structures are also some of the reasons why people suffer from degeneration of macula.

Now that you know why your vision worsens with age, you can take precautionary measures to ensure your vision does not get affected. A visit to an optometrist can detect eye problems if any. Moreover, the optometrist can inform you about how you can take good care of your eyes as you age.