Why Are Contact Lenses Better Than Glasses

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When your eyesight is compromised, and you are compelled to wear spectacles, that’s when you miss the days without spectacles. This sudden external addition on which you have to depend for a better view of the world may become an obstacle more than a spectacle. So is there a solution to this? Contact lenses are your answer. With the help of contact lenses, you get a clear view without the hindrance of a spectacle sitting on your nose. Still not convinced? Well, here are some reasons that mention why contact lenses are better than glasses.

The Complete View

The need to wear glasses arises when our vision is compromised, and the view in front of our eyes become blurry. Glasses are prescribed to complete our vision and make it clear. But does it really help in providing a clear, complete vision? Although your spectacles give you a clear view in the center of your gaze, your peripheral vision suffers. With contact lenses, this problem is solved as the soft lenses cover the whole cornea. This enables your eye to get a complete vision in all directions.

No Restrictions

Glasses for a faulty vision becomes a pain for a person who has the habit of being highly active in sports and other activities. Glasses can become a big obstacle for a person who regularly runs, swims or exercises as it limits their movement. With contact lenses, such people can freely perform such activities without the fear of the spectacles falling off or breaking. Contact lenses when inserted in the eye do not fall off easily unless you remove it.

All Weather Suitability

Do you dread going out in the snow as the mist gets collected on your glasses frame? Same is the case with rain? Does the glare of the sun flash on your glasses? These problems will no longer be an issue once you choose to wear lenses. As these soft thin lenses are comfortably placed inside your eyes, external weather does not affect them or your vision.

Good for All Prescriptions

Another common problem faced by many spectacle wearers is carrying the weight of spectacles, especially if the power prescribed to you is very high. The high power lenses generally have higher refraction which is required for the refractive error of the internal eye lenses. With contact lenses, you can simply opt for thin soft lenses without needing to carry the heavy weight of thick lenses on your nose.

There is no doubt that glasses have been a good corrective measure for a faulty vision for years now but with the changing times, it has been noticed that contact lenses are better than glasses. In the end, the choice lies in the hands of the wearer. So, if you are still confused, simply visit a trusted optometrist and get an opinion.