What Shape Of Eyeglass Frames Fit Your Face?

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Has your optical clinic in Edmonton advised you to wear an eyeglass frame? Are you looking for the perfect one that can fit your face? If yes, you don’t need to worry. There are various frames available for different facial structures. Some common face shapes include:

  • Oval Face
  • Round Face
  • Heart Shaped Face
  • Square Face

Everyone has a unique facial structure. You may not have the exact oval or round shaped face, but it can resemble similar to an oval or round shape. To identify your face shape, just stand in front of a mirror and visualize the outline of your face. You can then know which shape your face looks like and then accordingly you can select eyeglass frames that fit your place. Based on the four facial structures mentioned above, we have listed the different frames that will fit your face.

Oval Face

An oval face is ideal for most frame size and shape. A person with an oval face can wear any frame with style and confidence. A few frames that you can choose from are:

  • Wide frames
  • Cat Eyeglasses
  • Hipster Square Glasses
  • Oversized Cover-Up Frames

Round Glasses

  • Clubmaster Browline Glasses
  • Thick Rimmed Glasses

Based on your comfort, you can go ahead with any of these options without any fear of how you will look.

Round Face

A round face has equal width and length and has no sharp angles. Going for frames with geometric angles that fit your face will give your face a slimmer look. Also, it will make your face look longer. The frame types you should select include:

  • Angular Frames - It will sharpen your facial features
  • Small and Square Frames - It will make your face look longer
  • Contrasting Bridge Frames - It will help widen your eyes

Heart-Shaped Face

A person with a heart-shaped face has high cheekbones and a narrow chin. You can use the following frames comfortably:

  • Wide Frames: It will balance the width of your forehead
  • Bottom-heavy Frames: It will balance out your narrow chin
  • Thin Temples: It will enhance your overall face symmetry

Square Face

Square faces have sharp angled edges with equal width and length. To make your face look longer and to get smooth angles, try using the below frames:

  • Round Frames: Any oval or round frame will help smooth out sharp angles
  • Semi-rimless Frames: It will help balance your sharp jawline
  • Wide Frames: Try using thin, curved, and wide frames to enhance your cheekbones.

Now that you are aware of what kind of frames fit your facial structure, you can now go ahead and choose the frames that fit your face. If it’s a prescription eyeglass or any other type of vision eyeglass frames, an optical clinic in Edmonton will suggest you the best frames that will enhance your vision and not affect your look as well.