What are The Advantages of Contact Lenses?


Having a clear vision is a sign that your eyes are healthy. However, our vision can get affected at any point in life. Once the vision is affected, different activities you do such as reading, writing or just performing a daily task can become difficult to perform. Hence, identifying the cause of vision problems with comprehensive eye exams is crucial. To ensure you are able to see clearly, your optometrist will recommend using either glasses or wearing contact lenses. There’s a misconception among many people that contact lens is not good for their eyes and it may create eye infections and thus, impair the vision furthermore. This is not true. Here are some advantages of contact lenses that will prove that these contact lenses are in fact good for your eyes.

Clear Vision

Contact lenses are a great way to correct your vision-related problems. Be it myopia (near-sightedness), hyperopia (farsightedness), presbyopia or astigmatism, lenses help in providing clear vision in all situations. Also, as lenses are not affected due to condensation process, there are no chances of fog accumulation. You can use lenses anytime, except while sleeping. Also, in monsoon season, unlike glasses, lenses do not hamper your vision due to water droplets.

Enhanced Appearance

Using eyeglasses interferes with your appearance. As lenses fit directly on the eye pupil, there are no worries related to the way you look. No one can identify that you are wearing contact lenses unless they are colored ones. You can enhance your eyesight by using a variety of contact lenses available in the market.

Easy to Use

Lenses are unbreakable and very easy to use. There is no need to remove it while performing any task. Also, it does not come out unless you remove it yourself. You just need to store the lenses of each eye separately in eye solution whenever not using them. Also, with growing technology lenses are now available with higher water content in it. Hence, there is no chance of eye dryness.

Boost Sports Performance

Often people are not able to wear glasses while performing sports activity. In such cases, lenses help you get your vision without affecting your performance in sports. In fact, the contact lenses will help you get a clear vision of what is happening and hence, enhance your performance.

For example, you are playing ice hockey. Due to vision problems, you might not be able to judge the distance from where you should shoot the rubber puck into the opponent’s net. Glasses do not stay in place when playing. Hence, lenses are the best option to go for.

Vision is always a main concern that needs immediate attention. You cannot ignore it. To get your vision corrected, get your contact lenses based on the prescription given by the optometrist. For more details about the effects and advantages of contact lenses, consult a professional optometrist today.