The Major Parts of The Human Eye


We try to protect our eyes from common eye problems in order to have a clear vision and good eye health. Protecting and taking good care of our eyes is very important as it one of the most precious parts of the human body. In fact, a human eye is made up of multiple sub-parts. When all these parts work in coordination, we are able to have a clearer vision. Any damage to one part of the eye can affect your sight. Let’s take a look at some of the major parts of the human eye.


It is the outermost area of a human eye. A cornea has several layers. The outermost layer of the cornea is subjected to protect our eyes from external elements. These external elements include sand, dust particles, and other minute impurities that can potentially damage the eye. The cornea also assists you in focusing on light rays which helps to see clearly.


The pupil is the black patch on our eyes. It is a black circle that filters and monitors the amount of light that passes through our eyes. The pupil contracts depending on the amount of light that is meant to be passing through your eyes.


It is placed right behind the cornea and exactly in front of the pupil. The primary task of the iris is to control and regulate the amount of light that passes through the eye. It does this task by adjusting the size of the pupil.


The retina is located at the back of the eyeball and consists of several layers out of which the photoreceptors is considered to be the most important one. The primary function of photoreceptors is to take the light taken by the cornea and convert it into signals that can be understood by the brain. Ensuring that your retina stays in good condition is imperative because one single mistake and the retina can get damaged severely. As a result, your sight can get affected.

Vitreous Humor

An important part of the eye, the vitreous humor, is the gel-like fluid that is responsible to keep the eyeball in its proper shape. The vitreous humor casts the shadow over the retina for protection. Vitreous humor is also responsible for maintaining the pressure of the eye. It also ensures that the retina stays in its place.

The human eye has several other parts such as sclera, conjunctiva, etc. It is important that all these parts are in good condition. This helps in having proper and clear vision throughout your life. If you do not maintain your eye health, it can be costly as your vision can be affected drastically as you age. To avoid such a situation, you must undergo eye test performed by an optician. This helps in determining if you have any eye problems and accordingly you can take the required precautionary measures to have healthy eyes.