How To Take Care of Your Child’s Eyes


Your child’s delicate eyes and vision is a lot better than your eyes and eyesight. This is because a child might not have yet experienced the external factors and ill effects of aging that take a toll on human eyes eventually. But, the changing lifestyles and increased usage of digital devices are also responsible for children today being subjected to greater risks.

Your child's eyes are precious, and so, they need proper care to keep them healthy. Your care should include but not be limited to regular children’s eye exams. Some other eye care tips that can help in safeguarding your child’s ocular health are as follow:

Prevent Them from Rubbing Eyes

Cleanliness of eyes is vital for healthy eyes. Rubbing eyes frequently can cause germs to spread from hands to eyes and cause sore eyes or lead to eye infections. Moreover, constantly rubbing eyes too hard can damage the eye lens, retina, and other delicate parts of eyes. You must explain the ill-effects of rubbing eyes to your children and prevent them from doing so.

Provide a Balanced Diet

We all know that ‘we are what we eat.’ This means that what we eat and drink affects our health. Just like how our diet affects our overall health, it affects our eyes too. Various nutritional deficiencies during childhood can lead to the inception of internal eye damages. Therefore, your child’s diet should comprise of foods rich in vitamin C, E and K, zinc, carotene, and other essential minerals. Foods like whole grains, leafy vegetables, papayas, mangoes tomatoes, melon, grapes and blueberries as well as fish, chicken, eggs are essential eye-friendly nutrients.

Limit Screen Time

By screen, we refer to all the digital devices your child probably uses. Limit the time your child spends in front of the television and computer screen or using a laptop, tablet, mobile phone, and playing video games. Excessive exposure to these digital screen exhausts your child’s eyes and dries them up. Therefore, encourage them to play outdoor sports instead of using these devices.

Protect Their Eyes

Eyes injuries can be a serious cause of vision loss or other eye damages to your child. Therefore, you should keep an eye on your child’s activities as much as possible to protect them from injurious objects. Make sure you only buy them age-appropriate toys without any sharp edges that can hurt their eyes. Ensure that they wear goggles while swimming to protect them from infections. Also, you must not let your children around fireworks. But if they insist, make sure they wear spectacles, and you supervise them carefully to prevent eye injuries.

Lastly, take your child for comprehensive children’s eye exams annually, even if they aren’t facing any eye troubles. During these exams, the optometrists will make sure that your child’s eyes are perfectly healthy, and suggest treatment for potential ocular problems.

If you haven’t taken your child to an eye doctor for a long time, book an appointment with our optometrists today.