How to Clean Your Eyes Properly?


Our eyes are extremely sensitive, and you need to take utmost care of them. When a foreign particle goes into our eyes, we may experience burning sensation or itchiness. So often our instant reaction is to rub the eyes and clear them of any foreign particle. However, rubbing your eyes may not always work and in fact, it can harm the eyes as well. The best solution is to wash your eyes with clean water. To help you clean your eyes properly, continue reading this article.

Know What Went into the Eye

When you feel an itchy or burning sensation in your eye, you should know if something has gone into the eye and if yes, then what it is. At times, burning sensation or itching may be a result of some eye disease and so, you need to be sure whether something has certainly entered your eyes. Once you are sure, you need to figure out what is exactly in your eyes. This will help you to decide how to wash your eye. For instance, if a chemical solution or particle has entered your eye, you might have to visit an optical clinic to prevent any severe damage. In the case of dust particles or spices going in your eyes, simply washing them with water will help you get rid of the unwanted particle.

Washing Your Eyes

There are several ways of washing your eyes. Even if your eyes don’t feel itchy or burning, it is a good habit to wash your eyes with normal water. Some of the methods of washing your eyes are mentioned below:

Using an Eye-cleanser

With an eye cleanser, you can clean your eyes without touching them. All you need to do is pour a few drops of the eye cleanser in your eyes. An eye cleanser solution does not harm your eyes. You should make sure that your hands are clean before you insert the drops in your eyes. Also, make sure to check the expiry date before using the solution.

Washing with Flowing Water

Whenever your eyes feel itchy, you can go to the wash basin and start splashing your face with water. Make sure that these splashes are slow and gentle. The is because if you are not gentle, the dust particle might slip inside and result in further damage to your eye. Once you finish washing your eye, you should dry your eye with a clean piece of towel or cloth. You should take care that you do not rub your eyes hard because you might end up with an even more sore eye.

Washing with Water in a Cup

In this method, you should have a small cup filled with water or eye-cleanser or both. When you want to wash your eyes with a cup, you should make sure that the temperature of the water is lukewarm. Simply place your eye on the cup opening and tilt your head backward such that the water in the cup touches the eye. Once you are done with this, use a dry cloth or towel to wipe your face.

Do not make the mistake of inserting your fingers deep enough to remove the particle as it may hurt your eye. If the itching sensation persists, you should visit an optical clinic in Edmonton for your eyes to be treated by an expert.