How Often Do You Need New Glasses?

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Eyeglasses are a very common solution to correct various refractive errors in a human eye. But can you wear the same pair of glasses throughout your life or do you need to change them? The answer is quite simple. Depending on your vision as you age, you may need to get a new pair of glasses. Now the next question that arises is how often do you need new glasses? To answer this question, there are some signs which tell you if you need to replace your old glasses. Let’s take a look at them in detail.


People often squint when they are not able to see something clearly. If you squint when the place is too bright with lights around, then it is fine. But if you squint when the light is normal, and you are wearing your glasses, it is something you need to worry about. When you squint your eyes, a small amount of light enters your eye resulting in better vision. Squinting can be a sign of change in your eye prescription and that you need new glasses.


Headaches are a very common sign that you are suffering from some refractive error. But getting frequent headaches when using glasses is not common. You will be able to see clearly with the old glass if there is a slight change in the prescription. But, your brain recognizes this small change and will work hard to correct your vision. This ultimately puts pressure on the eye muscles giving you mild to severe headaches.

Blurred Vision

You wear glasses to correct your blurred eye vision. But what if your vision gets blurred even after wearing an eyeglass? This is a sign that there is a severe change in your eye prescription. You might face sudden or occasional blurry vision along with a loss of focus. This can occur in either one or both the eyes. By visiting an optical clinic, you can examine your eyes and know the current power of your eyes. If there’s any change in the power of your eyes, then you may have to consider new glasses.

Scratched or Damaged Glasses

Scratched or damaged eyeglass is very common. Even a minute scratch on your glass makes the object placed in front to appear blur. This will ultimately put pressure on your eye muscles so that it can see the objects clearly. Also, a bent frame will not be able to provide the right refraction of light making your vision blur.

So then how often you need new glasses? The answer again depends when you experience the above-mentioned signs. Ensure you get your eye examined at least once in a year even if you are able to see clearly with the old prescription glasses. This will make certain that you use the right power glasses to correct your refractive error and your eye muscles are not strained. If the power has changed, you need to get new glasses. An optical clinic will assist you to choose the shape of eyeglass that will fit your face.