How Long Is It Safe To Wear Contact Lenses Without Taking Them Out


We often take our eyesight for granted until the day we realize that our vision is affected. It is only then that you will miss the days when you didn't have to wear spectacles. Although spectacles allow us to see better, they can prevent us from carrying out our daily tasks in a straightforward manner. Nevertheless, there's an alternative to wearing spectacles, and that is contact lenses. Contact lenses are soft, curved transparent film which is placed on the eyeballs to improve the vision and enable the wearer to have better sight. If you have never used contact lenses, then they may be many questions that may come to your mind. One of the common questions is for how long is it safe to wear contact lenses?

The Ideal Duration

On an average, it is safe to wear contact lenses for 12-14 hours if they are of good quality. However, optometrist advice to remove it as soon as you are back home and do not need to wear them anymore. Remember, no matter how comfortable your contact lenses may be, they are synthetic and should not be left for long. It is essential to take out your contact lenses before you sleep to ensure that your eyes get proper oxygen supply.

Effects of Prolonged Wear

Contact lenses are a very safe alternative for your spectacles, but an excess of anything can be harmful. Similarly, when you wear your lenses for prolonged periods, you will experience the following problems.

  1. Prolonged wear of contact lenses can cause abrasions on your cornea and thereby eye pain.
  2. If you wear contact lenses for long hours without removing them, you could experience blurry vision due to increased growth of blood vessel and lack of oxygen.
  3. Continuous wearing of contact lenses can cause infections in your eyes which could lead to eye ulcers. These are open sores which appear as specks on your cornea.

Proper Way of Wearing Contact Lenses

  1. Maintain proper hygiene when dealing with your contact lenses. Since these lenses will be going inside your eye, make sure to wash your hands thoroughly before touching them.
  2. Every time you remove the contact lenses from your eye, make sure to clean it using the contact lens liquid before you wear them back.
  3. Never use water or any other liquid to clean your lenses. Only use the proper sterile liquid provided with the contact lenses.
  4. Do not exceed your duration of wearing the contact lenses. Stick to the routine that the ophthalmologist has prescribed.
  5. Ensure that the contact lens case is clean at all times and do not forget to clean it at regular intervals.

Nothing in excess is ever good for you. The same rule applies to your contact lenses. Though they are a brilliant method to replace your spectacles, it is not safe to wear contact lenses for extended periods. So do not put the health of your eyes in jeopardy and consult the best optometrists in Edmonton for the best advice about contact lenses.