How do Enchroma Glasses Work

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A lot of people across the globe experience an eye problem called color blindness or Color Vision Deficiency (CVD). To be precise, it affects 1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women globally. People suffering from color blindness aren’t blind to all colors but have a reduced ability to see some colors under normal light. The retina contains approximately 6 million retinal cone cells. Each cell responds to light of specific frequencies, mainly red, green and blue. Color blindness occurs when the photopigments or the genes of the cone cells that influence the colors inside the eyes are overlapped. There are three types of color blindness, red-green, blue-yellow and complete color blindness which is very rare. The red-green color blindness is the most common type red and green photopigments have more overlap than normal. This may cause red and green to blend and become indistinguishable from one another. It may also make a person difficult to see certain colors, like certain shades of orange, pink, and purple.

A company called EnChroma has created glasses that restores color vision for the colorblind. To create these glasses, EnChroma utilized the latest research on the genetics of color blindness and various anomalies related to photopigments, basically, color vision science and optical technology. These glasses that could filter out specific colors and remove the part of pigments that overlap came to be known as the EnChroma glasses.

The lenses in the glasses look like any ordinary glasses but help differentiate the colorful waves of light. These glasses will not cure color-blindness, much as reading glasses won’t cure farsightedness. But, it provides an excellent solution to people suffering from Color Vision Deficiency for as long as they wear these glasses. Let us look at how do EnChroma glasses work.

How Do EnChroma Glasses Work

  • With the multi-notch filtering, EnChroma lenses cut out sharp wavelengths of light to enhance specific colors.
  • They remove small slices of light from the visible spectra and separate the overlapping red and green, or other photopigments.
  • The lenses then re-establish the correct balance between the signals from the three photopigments in the eye.
  • The lenses excite the neural mechanisms of vision and make the correct color perception possible.

EnChroma glasses open up a world of vivid colors for people suffering from mild color blindness. You can order your pair of EnChroma glasses if you are unable to see all the colors precisely. But if you have severe or complete color blindness, schedule your appointment with our optometrist. With access to the latest optical technology, our optometrists can help you find the best solution for Color Vision Deficiency.