4 Ways to Safeguard Your Eyes as You Age


The world is a wonderful place when the view is clear. But what if the view is not clear? Our eyesight is extremely important, yet we tend to take it for granted. We barely ever think that our vision could get hampered. You may not give it much thought when you are young, but as you age, your eyesight can get affected. To avoid major complications related to your eyesight, it is essential for you to safeguard your eyes as you age. To help you out with a better vision, here are some ways to safeguard your eyes as you age.

Be Aware of Age-related Eye Complications

Our eyes are healthy, and our vision is clear when we are young. However, as we age, a majority of people start to experience faulty vision, especially when reading. This faulty vision is a result of the loss of flexibility of our natural lenses as we age. To correct this, reading glasses are prescribed by the optometrist. Apart from this, there are other major complications such as cataract, glaucoma, macular degeneration, etc. which need to be caught early and treated. 

Protect Your Eyes from UV Rays

Protecting yourself from UV rays is a necessity for people of all ages. Ultra-Violet (UV) rays are generally considered to have harmful effects on your complete body including your eyes. The effects of direct sunlight in your eyes are bad, but indirect sunlight can also be harmful over a period of time. Exposure to UV rays increases the risk of eye complications such as pinguecula and cataracts. To avoid this, make sure to wear 100% UV protected sunglasses when outdoors.

Quit Smoking

Smoking is another harmful habit for your body. You may be wondering how it is connected to the eye. Smoking, in general, weakens your body’s immune system. Research has proven that smoking affects the blood vessels in your eyes and creates various biological changes. These changes increase the risk of contracting eye complications such as cataracts, uveitis, and macular degeneration increases.

Get Regular Eye Check-ups

The best way to safeguard your eyes as you age is to make sure you visit your trusted optometrist for regular eye checkups. As you age, health complications like diabetes and blood pressure can have a direct impact on your eyes. If not kept under check, people experience vision loss due to diabetic retinopathy. Comprehensive dilated eye exams help in detecting such diseases at an early stage. With proper diagnosis, preventive measures can be taken, and you can safeguard your eyes.

The ability to see is a gift which we never pay much attention to unless it is hindered. Taking small precautions and making minute changes in your daily lifestyle can go a long way in keeping your eyesight healthy. So why wait for your eyesight to get compromised? Book an appointment today with one of the best optometrists in Edmonton to safeguard your eyes as you age.