5 Ways to Reduce Computer Vision Syndrome


Computer Vision Syndrome is a common problem in people who work for prolonged hours before a computer. Also, if you are always on your smartphone, you are likely to develop CVS as well. People who suffer from CVS experience eye discomfort and sight problems while viewing the digital screen. The symptoms can include a headache, blurred vision, dry eyes or neck and shoulder pain. So how do you reduce this eye problem? To answer your question here are six ways to reduce computer vision syndrome.

1. Regular Eye Checkups

Do regular eye checkups to identify if you are facing any vision problem. You can use infrared glasses prescribed by an optometrist when viewing your computer screen. Eyeglasses which are prescribed for the daily activities may not be applicable in the official computer-based work. In that case, specially designed lens, lens power, lens tints and lens coatings are used to increase the visual abilities and reduce computer vision syndrome.

2. Vision Therapy Program

This training program is a structured program of visual activities prescribed to improve the eyesight. It trains the eyes and the brain to work coherently and more effectively. The program has three kinds of exercises. They are eye teaming, eye focusing and eye tracking. You can practice this even at home. It helps to improve binocular vision. It trains your eyes and brain to work together. You can contact an optical clinic to know more about these exercises.

3. Use Anti-Glare Screen

Using anti-glare screen will help you to decrease the intensity of the light reflected from the computer or mobile screens. An anti-glare screen is a filter which reduces the effects of radiations from the computer screen. It reduces the contrast, color, and sharpness of the display and thus, protects your eyes.

4. Pause and Rest

You can use pause and rest method to prevent CVS syndrome. Continuous focus on the computer screen for several hours can be tiring for your eyes. Try to take at least 15 minutes break after every hour to rest your eyes when you are sitting at the computer for prolonged hours. If you still experience the symptoms mentioned above, then you must go to an eye clinic for the further check-up.

5. Wash Your Eyes with Cold Water

Use cold water to wash your eyes. It minimizes the chances of dry eyes and keeps the eye hydrated. You can do this every time you take a break from your work.

Regular eye checkups and proper viewing habits can help to reduce the Computer Vision Syndrome. So, in case if you experience any symptoms of CVS or have trouble viewing the computer screen, then get your eyes tested to know if you are suffering from CVS. A visit to an optical clinic can help you identify the problem with your eyes, and you can accordingly start with the right treatment for the same.