Daily Contact Lens Care and Maintenance

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When you have a vision problem, you have no option but to wear spectacles to correct the vision. While wearing spectacles helps in clear vision, it can become a hindrance for many. For this very reason, optometrists give you an option to wear contact lenses instead of spectacles. Wearing contact lenses eases out your daily life in many ways. But to ensure there are no problems to your eyes when you wear contact lenses, you need to take care of them. To help you maintain your contact lenses, here are some tips.

Maintain Contact Lenses Hygiene

Contact lenses are thin wet films of lenses that are put inside your eyes to enhance your vision. If you touch these contact lenses without washing your hands thoroughly, the germs on your hands could get stuck on the lenses and enter your eye. This can lead to irritation and infection in your eyes. Apart from that, when you wash your hands ensure that you wipe it with a lint-free napkin. Also, try not to put contact lenses right after you have applied moisturizer or makeup as the residue of the same on your hands can transfer on the lenses and enter your eye.

Clean and Disinfect

Every time you wear your contact lenses, it is necessary to clean and disinfect it before it goes into your eyes. This is done to ensure that no foreign particles enter your eyes through the lenses. Apart from that, cleaning your lenses before wearing them ensures that the residue of the eye from the previous wear is removed. Simply clean it with the prescribed solution before every wear.

Remove the Protein Residue

Our eyes have protein residue in them which can become a problem for your contact lenses. This is generally an issue with lenses that are used for a longer duration such as six months or one year. The protein residue deposits on the contact lenses and causes irritation in the eye if not cleaned properly. While your general solution may clean out some protein, to remove it completely you need a solution specifically for protein removal, prescribed by the optometrist.

Hydrate the Lenses

Since contact lenses are thin wet films of lenses, it is essential to keep them hydrated at all times. So when wearing your contact lenses, make sure you hydrate them well. If after wearing the lenses, you feel dryness in your eyes, use eye drops to lubricate your eyes and hydrate your lenses. Make sure the drops are usable on lenses.

Since contact lenses make it easy for you to carry out your daily routine without any interruption, you must keep them clean and maintained at all times. To know more about contact lenses care, visit a professional optometrist for expert advice.