Can You See After Getting Your Eyes Dilated


A regular eye check-up helps you to learn about the condition of your eyes. When your eyes are dilated by an optometrist, you come to know about the various eye problems at an early stage. Dilation is a process in which the dilated object expands or gets enlarged in size. In the eye dilation process, certain eye drops are used to enlarge your pupil so that the optometrist can get a clear view of the back of your eye. Almost all eye exams use this process of eye dilation. Although dilation is required to get a clear view, not everybody's eye can be dilated. The optometrist needs to consider certain aspects such as the age of the person, eye health, overall body health, the reason for an eye exam and more. Based on these factors, it is decided whether you can proceed with the eye dilation process.

People always have some questions with regards to eye dilation. To know more about eye dilation, continue reading.

Can You See With The Dilated Eyes?

Dilation makes your vision blur for a certain period of time. Drops used to dilate your eyes contain the mydriatic drug. This drug helps in enlarging your pupil making them more clear for the optometrist to see. One may feel a burning sensation along with some itching for a first few seconds. Although your vision is affected for few hours, it is worth for diagnosing the other eye problems you might have.

Are People Affected Due to Dilated Eye?

Studies show that dilated eyes are not able to clearly see the number of letters on the Snellen vision chart as they were able to see without dilation. That means dilations reduces that clarity of your vision for some time. Hence, you need to take certain precautions after getting the eyes dilated.

Driving is one of the things that you should avoid with dilated eyes. As your vision gets blurry, you might not be able to judge the distance of vehicles nearby. This can lead to accidents and hence, can be hazardous to health.

Does You Vision Gets Affected Temporarily?

Eye dilation side effects are not of major concern, as they do not last for a long time. There are chances that along with blurred vision, you might suffer from minor headaches, swollen and red eyes, watery eyes, and more. Apart from affecting your eyes for some time, there are certain chances of effect on your other body parts - increase blood pressure, paleness, mouth dryness, irregular heartbeat, tiredness, and more.

Dilation is important for the optometrist to learn about your eye health. Without eye dilation, there are chances that the evaluation might not show a clear picture of what’s wrong with the eye. One can overlook the side effects to get a proper result of the eye exam. Consult an expert optometrist for further details related to eye dilation.