4 Reasons Your Eyes are Itching


An itchy sensation is often experienced when any contaminant enters our eyes. Due to this itchy sensation, our eyes become red when we rub them. Therefore, when something enters your eyes, you should wash them as soon as possible. If you wash your eyes properly, the contaminant can come out. Now there are several other reasons why we may experience an itchy sensation in the eyes and all of them cannot be resolved by just washing our eyes. Let’s take a look at the 4 common reasons why we experience itching in our eyes.


Itchy and red eyes are primary symptoms of an allergy. If you are experiencing an itchy sensation in your eyes for a few hours and they turn red, you should visit an optometrist as soon as possible. Allergies are caused when an irritating substance enters your eyes which is known as an allergen. Pollen, smoke, dust, etc. are common allergens that cause irritation in the eyes. In worst cases, allergies can lead to eczema and asthma as well. Therefore, you should quickly get your eyes tested by an optometrist to prevent the problem from escalating.

Incorrectly Waring Cntact Lenses

If you are not wearing your contact lens properly, you may feel irritation in the eyes. Also, if you are using a faulty lens solution or wearing contact lens for a long time, then you may experience itchy eyes. Therefore, you should consult your optician to know how long you should wear your lenses. The optician will also provide you with the information on the type of solution that you should choose for cleaning your lenses. If you use the right chemical solution, the chances of having itchy eyes are reduced drastically.

Dry Eyes

If your eyes have less moisture, they can become dry. So, people who have dry eyes are most likely to experience itchy sensation. With reduced moisture levels, your eyes are unable to flush any contaminant that enters. As the contaminant cannot be removed, your eyes become increasingly vulnerable to itching. Washing your eyes can be a temporary solution. To treat your dry eyes permanently, it is better that you visit an eye doctor.

Blue Screen

Due to continuous exposure to digital screens, our eyes are strained and sometimes, they become itchy. Such strains result in several disorders such as retinal damage which further leads to Age-related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Your eyes are also vulnerable to become dry and you can have continuous headaches. You can make sure that you take regular breaks from the constant exposure to blue light. Ideally, you must take a break every 20 minutes by looking somewhere else of just closing your eyes for 20 seconds.

As mentioned earlier, visiting an optometrist is necessary if you have itchy eyes. This will help you to identify what is the cause of itchy eyes and the right treatment can be followed. In case you are experiencing itchy eyes, then you can visit our optical clinic and get your eyes examined and treated. You can even book your appointment online.